Travel restriction to Thailand as of July 30, 2022

Travel restriction to Thailand as of July 30, 2022

-Thailand Pass registration is no longer required for all travelers since July 1, 2022.

-Travelers entering Thailand will only be required to show Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 test results for the unvaccinated.

-Travel Insurance is highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance when you travel to Thailand.

-Before you travel to Thailand, you should buy travel insurance that will protect you for your entire trip and book your hotel stay to get the best deals and rates.

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1. Passport and Thai Visa

Foreigners may travel Thailand without a visa. There are 64 countries eligible to enter Thailand visa-free under the Visa Exemption program and Bilateral Agreement allowing travelers to stay up to 30 days, 90 days or 14 days.

There are also 19 countries eligible to enter Thailand without visa under the Visa On Arrival program allowing the travelers to stay up to 15 days. The fee of 2,000 THB has to be paid on arrival at the airport and fill out the TM88 Visa on Arrival form.

For both Visa Exemption and Visa On Arrival, the traveler must possess a passport validity for 6 months or in some cases, it must be valid for at least 30 days after the trip.

Travelers who are not eligible for the Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival programs must apply for a Thai visa prior to coming to Thailand. Application for Thai visa can be done online or in person at the Thai embassy or consulate in the country of departure of the applicant.

2. Proof of Vaccination or COVID Test

Since July 1, 2022 travelers are no longer required to register for the Thailand Pass. Travelers may now freely travel to Thailand as long as they possess a Proof of Vaccination or a pre-departure COVID test.

Travelers who are fully vaccinated may print out a copy of the proof of vaccination, vaccination certificate or show a digital copy of their proof of vaccination. Travelers must be fully vaccinated and a vaccine booster is not required. Children who are unvaccinated but traveling with a vaccinated adult do not need to show any COVID test.

Travelers who are unvaccinated are required to undergo a mandatory pre-departure. COVID test within 72 hours before departure from the country of origin or departure. The COVID test may be an RT-PCR test or a professional ATK (RAT) antigen test. The COVID test result must be negative or non-reactive and the COVID test result document must state the name of the traveler, date and time of the test and the type of the test performed. Children who are unvaccinated traveling with an unvaccinated adult must also undergo a COVID test.

3. Buy Travel Insurance for Thailand

Foreign travelers should buy Travel Insurance when traveling to Thailand or Asia in general.

You may use your own health insurance purchased from your own country or it is recommended to purchase from an insurance company in Thailand such as AXA Insurance Thailand.

To purchase AXA Thailand Insurance; the most reliable insurance that has never had any problem with the Thailand Pass application, please click the link:

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